Mandana stone price

mandana stone price

Mandana stone price flooring is best sand stone flooring,red mandana stone flooring is used out side the house and loawn area,Red Mandana stone flooring is generally use on chemicals processing floors, where it is bedded & jointed with acid proof cements. These products are available in market at competitive rates. We are having very expert team to do these type of red mandana stone flooring work.

Mandana Stone Price

Red Mandana Stone is acid proof and also easy to clean. This hard and fine grained stone is used for flooring, paving and other exterior and interior uses. It is highly favorable for chemical processing done on floor. At our factory we have multiple quality checks to ensure the high quality. Respecting our position as a leading Mandana Stone Supplier, We are very particular about our product

It is a kind of sandstone giving a lively touch into interiors of the place. We our best wholesaler and supplier of Red Mandana Stone in the area. We give you best possible stones to maintain the market and the quality of our company for with following our norms and conditions. delivering you with the best is our silent promise to our clients. Mandana stones or kota stones are basically used for pathways and floorings in interiors.

Feature of mandana stone

  • Size – 22×16,22×22,22×28 & 22×34 9( in inch)
  • Thickness – 20-32mm
  • Uses – in milk,garden & acid factories
  • finish type- natural,table-polished & river finshed,diamond polished
  • Stone type- sandstone
  • stone form- cut-to-size
  • Color- choklate
  • Origin- Kota (Rajasthan)
  • Price- 30/-sq.ft. upto 88/-sq.ft.

Red Mandana stone

It is fully acid proof natural stone, there is no effect at red Mandana stone flooring after contacting acid and other chemicals, it is very cheap sandstone better than ceramic tiles, there are two types of Mandana stone is available in the market, one is table polished other is diamond polished, it can be used in wall cladding in factory wall and warehouse corner prevent of water face,

Mandana stone flooring

Mandana stone flooring is anti-skid natural stone flooring, basically, it is best for basketball ground & industrial processing unit flooring,

Mandana stone properties

Mandana stone is purely red color sandstone it observes water, the origin of Mandana stone is Kota Rajasthan,

Mandana stone vs Kota stone

  1. Mandana stone is sandstone but Kota stone is limestone
  2. It has only red color but Kota has four color
  3. It is acid-proof stone but Kota stone is not acid-proof

Mandana stone price

Mandana stone price starts from 20/-sq.ft.upto 120/-sq.ft. it depends on the size, finish, thickness & quantity of red Mandana stone. if your budget is low then you should buy a small size of Mandana as 1’x1’,1’x2’,

Mandana stone Wikipedia

Mainly Mandana stone is found in Mandana village of Kota district of Rajasthan, but after declared mukundra national park, a deposit of Mandana has been decreased,

Mandana Red stone

It is available in the block in Rajasthan people used this type of stone for our rooftop covering,

Red Mandana stone flooring work

It can be fixed the same way as Kota stone fixing work, after fixing Mandana stone flooring work you can use epoxy polished, it looks very nice with other natural stone floorings such as Kota stone blue & brown, marble and granite, etc.

Mandana stone company

Mandan stone company is engaged to the manufacturing of Mandana stone in Kota Rajasthan,

Mandana red sandstone

After epoxy Mandana red sandstone does not observe water, charming has been increased, it can be used kitchen countertop,

Mandana stone manufacturers

We are a topmost Mandana stone manufacturer in Sujet Kota Rajasthan, we can prepare all types of Mandan stone as the customer requires, especially size, thickness & finishing.

Mandana stone suppliers

There are many suppliers of Mandana stone in Mandan, Kota, Rajasthan if you require bulk quantity than you should come to here and select material to buy.

Mandana stone size, thickness & finished type

  • It is available in small size as 1×1,1×2,2×2.5, in feet 
  • Big size is 2×3,2×4,2×5,2×6 in feet
  • Maximum width-2ft. or 24inch
  • Maximum length -7ft. 
  • Thickness – 20mm up to 50mm
  • Finished type – natural, leather finished, short-blast, mirror polished 

Different between table polished Mandana and diamond polished Mandana stone

  1. Diamond polished Mandana surface is even no round but table polished has round in polished surface.
  2. Diamond polished material has both sides polished but the table polished only one side. 
  3. Diamond polished is high quantity material but table polished is low quality. In the Mandana stone with a polished table, there is a hole in the middle, while in the surface diamond polish, the surface is absolutely Avon. This is the biggest difference between the two.

Mandana Tiles Red Mandana Stone is also found in tiles today, in this, there are two types of Mandana tiles – first – the table is polished, second – diamond is cut, both are quite different, the table The surface of the polished is not even meant that the water in its flooring has trembled while in the red flame with a diamond the water does not stay and the surface also remains even, in this case, it has to be acid-proof. Brings you

Mandana tiles

We are a unique manufacturer in the market to provide our’s respected customers an exclusive range of Mandana Tiles.what is the use of Mandana tiles in the flooring of chemical factories and laborers.


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