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Satalkheri,Industrial Area Satalkheri,Suket-road, Ramganj mandi,kota,Rajasthan- 326519

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Brown Kota Stone, For Flooring, Size: 2 X 2 Feet
Polished 2x2 Kota Stone, For Flooring, Thickness: 20 mm
Brown Kota Stone, Packaging Type: Box, Size: 4 X 2 Ft
22 X 22 Inch Machine Cut Kota Stone, For Flooring at Rs 18.50/square feet in Ramganj Mandi

kota stone slab

Grey Polished Kota Stone Slab, For Flooring at Rs 40/square feet

We are offering kota Stone slab,kota stone colours,kotah stone,cotta stone,We offer finished kota Stone that is preferred for its aesthetic appeal and impressive strength. We are approached by customers for providing cotta stone in different sizes and at reasonable prices.kota stone slab is used in milk & acid factories,kota stone slab is found in pipakheri twon of kota district of Rajasthan,kotah stone is best flooring option,
kota stone colour is kota stone slab,it`s color of kota stone or chocolate color,cotta stone is avalable in slab sizes and cut to sizes,Red mandana stone is availble both surface natural or one surface table polished other side rough,diamond cut mandana stone is bendless stone tiles,Diamond mandana stone is better than table polished mandana stone,finished kota stone acid proof stone, acid proof tiles,mandana stone flooring,Mandana stone is a natural stone, mandana stone is used in outside of house and wall clading,in car parking can used with combination of kota stone,Kota stone is a naturally available limestone with an elite blend of shades. It is usually available in the Ramganjanjmandi tehsil of Kota district of Rajasthan state of India . Kota stone is well known for its attractive colors. However, the brown color is the popular. Other colors are – Red, Pink, Grey, and Beige. Physical properties like hardness, non- porous and homogeneity make it extraordinary from other stones.
we are manufacturer,supplier,quarry owner of kotah stone,finished kota stone and dealer of kota stone colours, kota stone is very famous it’s hardness and charmness,it is used in Railway station,kota stone slab,kota stone colours,finished kota stone,cotta stone and kotah stone,cotta stone,
shoping mall and warehouse,there is no alternate stone of cotta stone,
kota stone is only found in Ramganjmandi,kota,Rajasthan,there are many different finishing kota like leather
finished kota,River finished kota,kotah stone shortblast kota,mirror polished and semi-polished kota,kota stone slab
kota stone is available in different size and
thickness,kota stone has three color blue/grey,brown and green,
kota stone’s man market in Ramganjmandi,
there are more than thosand kota stone
processing units,in these factories
cuting,polishing and bushing works
are done,

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