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Jaisalmer stone is a limestone, this stone is found in Jaisalmer district of Rajasthan, the stone has varieties like Etta Gold,Jaisalmer Yellow,Paradise,Mulsagar & Teakwood, We are largest supplier & Dealer  Of Jaisalmer yellow marble Kota Rajasthan, stone manufacturers & industries in Jaisalmer marble price in Jaisalmer (Rajasthan).

we are leading supplier in stone slab, Jaisalmer yellow sandstone, and Jaisalmer yellow limestone suppliers, a yellow stone distributor like dealer price depend on size, thickness, and finishing,  Yellow marble used in a hotel bathroom, room flooring, wall cladding and stone supplier in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, These limestone slabs are used for kitchen top, island top, vanity top, countertops, tabletop, etc. However, the stone is also used for all times of interior and exterior décor.

Jaisalmer stone

Jaisalmer Yellow Limestone is known for its hardness, strength, elegance, performance, and beauty. The fusion of architectural creativity with nature re’s legacy of stones… Home e Sandstones e Jaisalmer Yellow. :- Granite. Jaisalmer Yellow. Jaisalmer ‘r’ yellow Sandstone is used especially in exterior cladding in sea shore buildings due to acid S thermal resistant properties. Jaisalmer yellow stones house is made by yellow limestone in Rajasthan.

Jaisalmer stone price in Banglore

Jaisalmer stone texture in the shape of natural blocks processed slabs & tiles and also in beautiful border linings. … Ans:-Basically this is a natural stone so that various marble flooring patterns will be available. … Jaisalmer stone price Banglore 98/-sq.ft We will send you complete details regarding price list yellow marble is pale yellow colored sandstone and is quite popular in European countries. Its properties like hardnessdurability, and ability to withstand rough weather conditions make it suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. Jaisalmer texture in wall cladding

Thickness- 18 mm (regular ) Jaisalmer Yellow is pale yellow colored sandstone and is quite popular in European countries. Its properties like hardness, durability, and ability to withstand rough weather conditions make it suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.we are top yellow stone suppliers in Rajasthan,


  • Cut to size in Inches
  • Size- 12″x12″,30″x12″,12″x18″,12″x24″,25″x19″,25″x25″,33″x12″,42″x12″
  • Slab size — 3ft. Width and  9ft. Lenth.
  • Finishing……1-Both side gangsaw polished,2- one side leather finished another side  rough
  • Jaisalmer yellow sandstone price start from 40/-sq.ft. up to 65/-sq.ft.
  • Jaisalmer marble uses in wall cladding and interior flooring
  • Origin- Jaisalmer (Rajasthan)
  • Minimum quantity order-6000sq.ft.
  • Slab size- miximum width- 4ft. Miximum length-8ft.
  • Form- unpolished,full-polished, sandblast, hammered finished
  • Gst – 18%
  • Loading- 200/-tone
  • Royalty- 220/-tone
  • Per sq.ft.weight of jaisalmer marble- 5kg/-sq.ft.


What is Jaisalmer stone

Jaisalmer stone is yellow limestone, it is available in slab size just like marble & granite slab, the natural surface is not available only sawn cut is available, it has a different type of quality – Etta gold, floury gold, teakwood,mulsagar,it is also known yellow limestone.

Jaisalmer stone uses

This stone is used in interior flooring, wall cladding & Front elevation of the house, for making the wall of the front house, kitchen platform, for making jali, jharokha, murti, any other article which are used in garden and water fun garden, Jaisalmer stone can be used in flooring with other natural stone-like Kota stone, marble, sandstone & granite.

Jaisalmer stone size

It is available in big slab and small slab.cut-to-size is not available in big quantity, the regular thickness is 20mm is running in the market,slab size is witdh -4ft. maximum and length in maximum – 8ft.

Jaisalmer yellow marble

Jaisalmer yellow marble is most selling marble in Jaisalmer stone market it is also known mulsagar,khandupa & yellow sandstone, Jaisalmer yellow marble is avail in a small and big slab,

Jaisalmer yellow sandstone 

Jaisalmer is known as yellow sandstone, it is very hard as Indian sandstone, it originates in Jaisalmer Rajasthan, Jaisalmer yellow sandstone is the best yellow marble for interior flooring and wall cladding.

Jaisalmer stone disadvantages

Jaisalmer stone flooring after some time gets a hole in the flooring, it can not be used in parking and outside the house, Jaisalmer yellow sandstone flooring gets worse after 40 years, some material is filling slab is not good, if you want to purchase Jaisalmer yellow sandstone you should buy unpolished material than this type of issue not creates.

Jaisalmer stone price 

Jaisalmer marble price starts from 45/-sq.ft. up to 88/-sq.ft. it depends on slab size, thickness, quality, and finishing, if you buy a small size as cut-to-size then the price is very cheap.

Jaisalmer stone properties

Jaisalmer stone is very hard, durable and long-lasting, it remains good in any weather conditions, it is a better choice for flooring, paving and wall cladding, it is Indian sandstone,

Jaisalmer stone Wikipedia

Jaisalmerstone is in Wikipedia, you will find all about this stone title is stones of India, it is found in Jaisalmer district of Rajasthan, you can find a substitute of wooden flooring, you can feel just like wooden flooring for long last.

Jaisalmer yellow limestone thickness

This stone has 20mm thickness of slab size if the customers require a different type of thickness we will provide as clients requirements


Question- Is Kota stone and Jaisalmer stone the same?

Answer- jaisalmer stone and Kota stone are not the same, both are different.The Jaisalmer stone is a sand stone while the Kota stone is a limestone.

Question- god statue made of yellow Jaisalmer stone images and price with size of statues

Answer- idols of God can be made from Jaisalmer station, its size can be from 5 feet to 7 feet, width can be 2 feet and a half feet to 1 feet, the price also seems to be according to that

Question- How old is Jaisalmer stone?

Answer- jaisalmer stone is 11000 18000 years old stone, it also has a sonar fort of Jaisalmer which is at least 4000 5000 years old.

Question – Cost of laying polished Jaisalmer stone in Bangalore

Answer- the cost of installing Jaisalmer stone flooring is ₹ 18 square fit.

Question- name chemical formulas of chemical ingredients in yellow fossil stone of Jaisalmer helping curd preparation

Answer- there is a Hapur village, 40 km from Jaisalmer, where a fossil stone comes out that deposits yogurt with milk. All its various types of utensils are made in which the curd freezes when it is kept in milk, 8000 to 9000 years from now. There are old fossils due to which milk is formed in curd


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