Dholpur stone is very low cost sand stone, we are pioneer in dholpuri stone,leader in Red sand stone and pink stone,Dholpuri Red sand stone ,dholpuri stone manufacturers and  in rajasthan,this stone is found in dholpur district of Rajasthan,Dholpuri stone is available in three color beige color,Red Color and Pink Color, it is Used in natural Surface And Polished Form, this stone is used in wall cladding,stone penals and Swiming pools side,it is avail in differrent sizes and thickness,In following sizes and thickness Both Red color and beige Color Stone Is Available,Dholpur Wall Clading, Dholpuri Stone Direct From Mines,Dholpuri Stone Carving, Dholpur Jali Pillar Dealers,Dholpur Stone Color, Three Colour Of Dholpuri Stone -Red,Beige And Pink,It is used in Monuments Like Chattari,Murti And Temple,dholpur sand stone is sold in slab and cut to size,dholpuri stone is very cheap stone than other sand stone,dholpur red sand stone is very soft stone,

Dholpur stone

these stones are considered to be one of the best dholpuri Red Sandstone for the market being commercial or residential purpose. To defining a good quality stone we have to characterized it by durability and hardness, strength, amenability to dressing, appearance, weight, fineness of grain and construction and compactness and porosity and absorption that being taken into consideration. As the same can be further utilized for tiles, home décor, construction/building stone, a rock should have specific qualities such as capacity to stand the ravages of time and weather, enough and required strength to handle the strain and super-incumbent weight and attractive color and general appearance. Its structure must also be such as to allow quarrying into good sized blocks or planes that it’s embedded upon. Dholpuri Red sandstone also has a unique and distinct feature of color being changed when this stone comes in contact with water


  • Red sand stone thickness – 20,25,30,35,40,50 & 60 mm
  • dholpuri red stone price start from 13/-sq.ft up to 65/-sq.ft.
  • Dholpuri stone size – 60×60, 60×90,56×56, 30×60,30×30 in cms,
  • Dholpuri Stone Slab – 3×4,4×5,4×6,4×7, in feet,
  • Thickness – 20,25,30,35,40,45,and 50mm As customer Requires

Question – राजस्थान धौलपुर,भरतपुर,करौली सैण्ड स्टोन ब्लॉक की रायल्टी की नई दरें नियम(28)के तहत

Answer-  राजस्थान धौलपुर,भरतपुर,करौली सैण्ड स्टोन ब्लॉक की रायल्टी की नई दरें नियम(28)के तहत

280/- धौलपुर, करौली बलुआ पत्थर ब्लॉकों में बलुआ पत्थर के कच्चे माल पर।

Question- Dholpur stone or PVC which material is better for door frames

Answer- Dholpur stone door frame is better than pvc frame because dholpur stone does not have termites in it, while PVC is what makes love worse after that time due to rainwater

Question- Dholpur red stone outdoor floor ke liye kaisa rhea ga upar barsat main kae to nhi aa jayegi

Answer – काई से निजात पाने के लिए पिंक कलर का धौलपुर स्टोन लगाना चाहिए पिंक कलर वाले धौलपुर स्टोन में काई नहीं जमती है

Question – How can colour variance in Dholpur stone be solved which is already fitted on building wall?

Answer- the only way to solve the problem of color variation is to make it natural color because it is easily available at the color shop

Question -Knowledge about Dholpur stones

Answer- dholpur stone is found in Dholpur Rajasthan, it is found in three colors, this Dholpur stone in pink, red and white color is very soft, today artificial items are made and the frame and its sculptures are made in the temple and also in the temple. Its biggest drawback is that it uses water.

Question- How to Clean Jaipur Pink makrana or Dholpur pink stones used for wall exterior cladding?

Answer- to clean Pink Makrana and Dholpur Pink, a lot of chemicals are available in the market nowadays, you can help them by searching online and you can clean them by using them

Question – which sealer is best for Dholpur stone water based silicone based or solvent based pls help me out?

Answer- 511 Impregator sealer is used in Dholpur stone,

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