Kota stone is a type of blue and brown limestone used in flooring and wall cladding, this stone is stronger than marble, Kotta stone is known from two names – first – Rajasthan Kotah and second – Tandoor cota stone, Rajasthan Kota is of better quality than Tandur Kota, kotta stone is world famous for its long shine and strength,we sell kota limestone in all parts of india,we fill up every customer’s requirements

Color of Kota 

There are five colors of Kota – Blue, Brown, Red, Gray and Black are black, Kota of blue color is sold more, the price of quota of other colors is better

Green Kota 

The color of this stone is green, it is available in rough and polished, it costs more than the quota of green color, because this celebrity is less, it gets surface leather finished ,This cut is available in size and slab,d mirror polished,

Brown kota

The kota of brown color stone comes out in small quantity, due to this, its efficiency is low, its price is higher than the quota of green color, it is available only in limited sizes, in this the color variation is also more it happens,

Rough kota 

 It comes out of the mines as it is, its surface is both natural and rough, which can also be called retail surface, it gets all the size and thickness, by bringing this stone in the factory. Polish harvesting is done,

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Kota Stone Flooring

Flooring of this stone does not deteriorate for 100 years whereas ceramic tiles deteriorate in only 10 years,It’s flooring is stronger than marble, brightness does not deteriorate for a long time.

kota stone flooring designs

Which stone should layed with cota stone flooring– Green marble, white marble, black granite and Jaisalmer stone with Kota flooring all look good with Kota flooring, Jaisalmer Yellow marble with Kota flooring A good combination is made, now-a-days a stone with a designs of Kota  is also found, the flooring material of it is also very good according to the scriptures. Land,

Benefits of kota flooring

  • Tough natural stone
  •  Non- water absorbent
  •  Non-slip flooring
  •   Non-porous Nature
  •  Easy to Cut in Any Size
  •  Affordable prices compared to Marble
  •  20 tone weight can bare 40mm kota flooring

Kota Flooring Specification

In the flooring of this natural stone, the size of the manly 2x, 2.2, 1.5 is applied, Jaisalmer Marble and Green Marble is also applied along with the flooring of the Kota, if the room is good, then the size is small. It is, in a room with a large size, a size of 2×2 or 2×3 is applied, first a semi-polished flooring is applied and after applying it, it is rubbed on it and Da bright is made,

Kota Stone Flooring Pattern

In this flooring the thing depends on the area of ​​the flooring, if the area is small, then you can apply small size of stone, if the area is large then it should be applied larger size, smaller size means 1’x1’ and 2’x1′,Large size means 2’x2′,2’x3′, its flooring is applied in kite and choror, black flooring, green marble and yellow marble in its flooring. is,

Different type of kota used in home flooring

People use different types of Kotah in their homes, like someone putting mirror polished cota Stone tiles, and others use Leather Finish cota Stone.Someone puts a brown stone, Kota’s flooring is not acid-proof, it is not slippery even after being polished fine, but one thing is clear, mostly Men like blue color flooring more, put a kota of rough or leather finishes in the parking lot of their house,people also use cota stone in the wardrobe and steps of their houses, use Kota stone of thick thickness in the parking lot, if there is a basement in the house, then Rough Kota is used in its waterproofing. quota stone does not absorb water,

Flooring Advantage & disadvantages of kota stone

It’s flooring does not deteriorate for a long time and the shine remains as new, the price is also less than marble and granite, the winning thickness takes the floor of Kota. Flooring is much more expensive, winning will have more thick quota flooring, it also has the ability to bear weight,Flooring of Kota is not acid-proof; It should be bad by applying polished Kota flooring in the outside area, it should not be bad in the open area.scratching occurs when rubbing a sharp object in the floor of the Kota, whereas in granite it does no

Kota pathar is not used in kitchen pateform

Kota stone is not installed on the platform of the kitchen, because it is not acid-proof. If the lemon and other liquid falls, white marks are formed on the stone, but these marks are removed automatically after some time.

How clean Kota stone floor

To clean the flooring of this, only access and water is required,If the floor of the quota is not cleaned for a long time, it can be re-polished to make it new, to make it new,

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Kotta Stone Tiles 

Now-a-days cotta stone tiles are also painted, which is similar to ceramic tiles, it’s thickness is calibrated to a thickness, polished above the mirror, after which it is polished Is not necessary.

kota tiles features

  • Size-22”x22”,22’’x16’’
  • Thickness – 18mm
  • Packing – in Wooden Box
  • Colour- blue,brown
  • Uses- interior flooring
  • Stone form- blue limestone
  • Finishing- top is mirror polished and back is calibrated

Cost of kota Stone 

The price of this stone depends on the size, thickness, finishing, along with this issue of price on the quality of the stone also come,Kotta stone is cheaper than other stones, marble is 18% gst while quantity is 5% gst on cota stone size rate is higher while stone of larger size is higher,

kota stone price naksh stone

Price of Kota in Delhi

What is the price of Kota in Delhi? It depends on the quota basic rate, transportation, thickness, loading and loading rate,the following rates is of semi-polished (diamond polished) blue cotta stone, Top surface is Pre-polished, edges machine cut or uncut Gst-5% and unloading will be of extra,

  • Following price may be up & down because the transportation charge keeps increasing more and less.
  • You can buy in following price but your quantity must be full truck load
kota stone rate in dehli

Price of Kota stone in india

The price of this stone depends on its size, thickness, finishing, color and quality, if you have a budget work, then you should go to a smaller size, because the price of a small size would be less than the larger size. Is, the color quota of indigo color is low whereas the rate of quota of brown color is high, the quota of brown color comes out in small quantity, if you want a high polished and leather finish then its price is normal Ada is more than polish,

kota stone price in jaipur
kota stone price in kerala
kota stone price in ghaziabad
kota stone price in faridabad

Note –

  • Minimum quantity order- 5000 sq.ft. or full truck load
  • Colour – blue
  • Top surface sem-polished
  • Gst-5%, Loading- 100/-tone, Transportation extra
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Kota stone size & thickness 

This letter comes in various sizes and thickness, the thickness of Rough cota Stone ranges from 20mm to 50mm, size (in feet ) is ……

Sizes of kota stone 

This stone is sold in feet & centimeter,Cut to size  (inch) – 11”x11”,22”x11”,22”x16”,9”x9”,22”x10”,10”x10”,22”x15”,22”x14”,21”x21”,22”x22”,22”x28”,17”x23”,17”x11”,

Cotta stone skirting size (inch)-  22”x4”,22”x5”,17”x5”,

Slab size of kotta stone (feet) – 2×2,2×3,2×4,2×5,2×6,2×7,2.5×3.2.5×2.5.2×4.2.5×5.2.5×6,2.5×7,

Kota stone sizes in mm

This natural Quota stone is also found in millimeter size, but such size depends on the order as the market of Kota measures in feet and inches,

Stone sizes in mm – 60×60,60×90,60×30,30×30,60×120…

Which stone should layed with Kota stone flooring

Green marble, white marble, black granite and Jaisalmer stone with Kota flooring all look good with Kota flooring, Jaisalmer Yellow marble with Kota flooring A good combination is made, now-a-days a stone with a designs of quota stone is also found, the flooring material of cotta stone is also very good according to the scriptures. Land,

kota stone vedio

Pre-polished Kota Stone

This type of Kotah is made of sawn, in which the top surface is smooth, if you want more shine then you have to wear it after applying Kota.

Blue limestone

This is also a kind of Kotta, known as Blue Limestone, its color is light blue, Kota is known as Blue Limestone in foreign countries,

Diamond Cut Kota Stone

This type of Kotta block cutter is made with aviation machine, it is considered the best Kota, because it has an upper surface even while the table polished one has a mattress in the upper surface, Water stops,

Hand cut Kota Stone

In this type of stone, the artisans cut stone edges from the handi and sugar, then grind the stone edges in the Ghadar groove with the rate and apply it to the flooring using which The joint becomes zero,

High Polished Kota Stone

This type of stone is polished with an abrasive up to 600 in the front surface, it does not need to be polished later, it is used in most of the Kota steps and risers, in all sizes Polish one, it is available in slab size and cut-to-size,the original color of the stone is seen in high polished, followed by mirror polished,

Waterproof Kota Stone

It is rough or natural on both sides, its edges are also uncut, the thickness is 20-30mm, it is used in the water proofing of the basement

Kota Stones mines

Most of the mines of Kota are in Ramganj Mandi, Chechat, Peepakheri & Rungi, Nerawat & Biria Khedi of Kota & Jhalawar districts of Rajasthan india,where millions of square feet of stone comes out daily

Where is Kota stone found

These stones are found in the area of ​​Ramganj Mandi and Rungi, Biriyakheri in Kota district and Jhalawar district of Rajasthan state of India, blue and brown stone is found here.

kota stone uses

kota ka upyog mukye roop se gharo ki flooring and parking me kiya jata hai, is ki high quality ka stone bade bade hotel, malls, marriages gardens, work house and dairy plant me lagaya jata hai, halki quality ka cota stone schools,hospitals, railway station me lagaya jata hai,

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kota stone weight per sq feet

agar aap kotah ko kharidane ki soch rahe he to aap ko is ka weight bhi malum hona chihiye taki aap transportation ka calculate kar Translate, pathar ka vajan us ki thickness par nirbhar karta hai, jitana jyada mota pathar hoga us ke vajan sahan karne ki shamata jyada hogi,


  • 12-16mm thickness ka weight – 3.4kg / -sq.ft.
  • 18-24mm thickness- ka weight- 4.5 / -sq.ft.

How to check the quality of Kota stones

To check the Kotah quality, firstly one should select the material with uncovered colors, from the edge of it, the quality of the material is known, the edge is about one color. I know, the material should be a life, it should not have a crust, the material that is down quality also works, the second quality and fur Trust is a difference of four per square foot in quality, if you have to take to end the spring inside your home so you The material of the third of the Kotah should be taken and that too with the uncut edge so that the edge does not deteriorate during transportation,

Is Kota stone porous

This stone is not porous, it does not observe water and other liquid, while sandstone is the father of water, Kota is used in water proofing due to its specialty

How to buy Kota stone

If your quantity is full truck load means 6000 square feet, then you should take it from Ramganj mandi in Mandi of direct quota, then you will get cheaper than your local dealers, if your quantity is 1000 or 2000 If you have square feet, then you have to take it from your local dealers only because the cost of the buggy is more,

Availibity of Kota

the popularity of this stone all sizes,It is available in all types of finishes, in semi-polished and rough finishes in all sizes and thicknesses, the biggest feature of this stone is that if you have a 2’x 2’ The size is required if you want it in a big way, while it is not possible in other natural stones.

How to reach Ramganj Mandi 

Ramganj Mandi is a municipality area, it comes in Rajasthan in Kota district, Ramganj Mandi also has a railway station which is connected to the Delhi-Mumbai Rail line, the nearest airport is Jaipur,which is 320k.m.away

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