cota stone

cota stone


Cota stone is a naturally available,fine-grained variety of stone originated from kota, Marble Slabs Tiles has a timeless beauty. With no two pieces ever identical, marble has fascinated artisans and decorators throughout history.kota Marble is a metamorphic  stone that was a central part of the classical architecture of Ancient Greece and Rome. This elegant natural marble is suitable for counter top, wall , flooring, throughout commercial and residential properties. Stone is available in different shapes and sizes and can easily blend with any home interior or exterior flooring design.

Cota stone

Naksh Stone is a well known manufacturer & producer of this stone since 2008.We sale stone in various parts of India at the most fair price. Our reputation in this field for most quantity of selling & also for best quality. Our specialized work force & capability of supplying gave us the ability to take over huge & challenging projects & contracts.kota pathar is very hard and cheap than other natural stone so it is used for commercial flooring of school,hospital and warehouse,marble is available in many color but it has five color- blue,brown,yellow,white and Red.density of kota pathar has better than marble & granite therefore blue lime stone is most selling stone in india,ceramic tiles is very costly and high maintenance however kota is no maintenance after fixed it and rate also low.

Feature of Cota stone

  • Size and thickness – Cut-to-size  (inch) – 11×11,22×11,22×16,9×9,22×10,10×10,22×15,22×14,21×21,22×22,22×28,17×23,17×11,
  • Skirting (inch)-  22×4,22×5,17×5,
  • Slab size (feet) – 2×2,2×3,2×4,2×5,2×6,2×7,2.5×3.2.5×2.5.2×4.2.5×5.2.5×6,2.5×7,
  • Thickness – 18-24mm or 25-32mm

kota stone price list            

Size         thickness        price

11″x11″    18-32mm             8.00Rs./-pcs.

9″x9″       18-32mm             6.00Rs./-pcs.

22″x11″    18-32mm             21.00Rs./-pcs.

22″x10″    18-32mm            16.00Rs./-pcs.

22″x9″      18-32mm            12.00Rs./-pcs.

21″x21″    18-32mm            54.00Rs./-pcs.

22″x22″     18-24mm           16.50rs./-sq.ft.

23″x23″     18-24mm           17.50Rs./-sq.ft.

Kotastone price list

Size         Thickness             Rate

1×1           25mm                  8/-sq.ft.

2×1           25mm                 12/-sq.ft.

2×1.5        25mm                  17/-sq.ft.

2×2           25mm                 17/-sq.ft.

2×2.5        25mm                  17/-sq.ft.

2×3           25mm                  21/-sq.ft,

2×3.5        25mm                  24/-sq.ft.

2×4           25mm                  24/-sq.ft.

2×4.5       25mm                  24/-sq.ft.

2×5           25mm                  29/-sq.ft.

2×5.5         25mm                 30/-sq.ft.

2×6           25mm                  30/-sq.ft.

2×6.5        25mm                   30/-sq.ft.

2×7           25mm                  34/-sq.ft.

2×8           25mm                  38/-sq.ft.

Finishing – semi-polished surface and edges uncut

Thickness – +3 -3 mm thickness will be vary

Kotastone is dense regular ocean blue colored stone. Blue Kotta stone mainly used for gardens and landscapes, cladding and flooring, pathways of building and paving. Blue Kotastone can also have some greenish color shade.advantages of cotta Stone flooring. kota stone is hard better than marble,non-porous and a homogeneous material which can be widely used in different areas. kotah pathar is not water absorbent and is anti-slip hence is the most perfect and hygienic flooring for humid areas.The kota stone can be polished again if require more glance. blue kotastone’s price is low than other red and yellow cotta stone because blue color availibity is very high however yellow and red color kota’s availibity is very low so price is very hike,

Kota stone chokadi price  list


High polished kota stone price

Size    Thickness    Rate

2’x2′     25mm   25/-sq.ft.

22″x22″ 25mm  24/-sq.ft.

23″x23′  25mm  25/-sq.ft.

22″x16″  25mm  24/-sq.ft.

2’x2.5′   25mm  25/-sq.ft.

2’x3′     25mm   26/-sq.ft.

2’x3.5′ 25mm   30/-sq.ft.

2’x4′     25mm  30/-sq.ft.

2’x4.5′  25mm  32/-sq.ft.

2’x5′    25mm   35/-sq.ft.

2’x5.5′ 25mm   36/-sq.ft.

2’x6′    25mm  38/-sq.ft.

2’x6.5′ 25mm  40/-sq.ft.

Finishing – top surface is high-polished bottom natural

Rough kota stone blue price list

Size(feet)   Thickness      Rate

2×1.5        25mm         12/-sq.ft.

2×2           25mm          14/-sq.ft.

2×2.5       25mm           14/-sq.ft.

2×3           25mm          16/-sq.ft.

2×3.5        25mm        18/-sq.ft.


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