tandur stone price

Tandur stone

Tandur stone price is very low than marble and granite,tandur stones are named after the mandal of the same name, about 125 km from Hyderabad, in which they are quarried. Tandur blue and white limestone slabs are the preferred flooring material for the middle-class, which finds granite and marble expensive.tandur is the main producer and distributor of the blue limestone used for flooring and wall cladding and sometimes even for slabs.

We offer our range of Tandoor Kota Stone, which are available in different specifications of sizes and shapes. Using modern processing and finishing techniques, we can provide them in different kinds of finish and texture as per the clients requirements.

his stone brick is the best alternative to Shahabad tile. This ceramic tile has excellent elegance and durability. This kind of stone is more plastic than the Shahabad stone. The two edges of this stone (if very sharp) are not permanent.

Tandur with gray or green color is one of the most commonly used stones. It is a marble look-alike stone slab, hence the nickname Bethamcherla Marble. The material comes mainly in gold color. Tandur stone features stone suitable for builders. It is essentially a dolomite stone. There is no obvious delaminating effect after wetting and drying.

Tandur stone is generally found in the mandals of Tandur and Marpalli. The mines of Tandur stone are expansively developed and also the lime is sold locally. However, this industry has suffered over the past few months due to concerns raised against and against separate Telangana.

Tandur stone price

tandur stone

Tandur stone is available mostly in the mandals of Tandur and Marpally in Tandur, quarries of tandur stone are extensively developed and the lime is sold locally.However, the industry has suffered in the last few months due to the agitations for and against a separate  Orders were delayed, as transport services were hit due to the agitations.tandur stone is just like kota stone Rajasthan but kota stone is very hard stone apposite tandur stone is soft stone.

Chemical composition of tandur stone

The tandur stone is basically Lime stone containing Silica, iron and some other particles.

Formation and location of tandur stone

The Tandur lime stone is formed beneath the earth in the form Of layers starting right from Shahabad in gulbarga district of Karnataka and passsing through certain parts of Telangana and Ending in kishtapur village of chincholi taluq in Gulbarga district of Karnatak.In INDIA. In real sense a stone mountain is passing through these areas called,Shahabad,wadi,sedam,Basheerabad,ogipur,malkapur,ginguthi,kotlapur of Telangana and then again entering Miryan and kishtapur area of Karnataka.

The Tandur stones are formed in the form of layersL ike a carpet laid one over the other beneath the earth. The thickness Each layer varies as thinner as 20mm and as thicker as 750mm. These stone layers can further be sliced into minimum of 20mm-25mm. The stone found in upper layers of mine are Harder And tuff and as we go deeper towards the bottom of the mine The stone gets softer and less tiuffer.Also the thickness of the tandur also Gets thinner as we go deeper into the mmine.

Naming of Tandur stones:

As we have explained above a stone mountain is passing through various Towns and villages of Karnataka and Telangana states, the stones excavated Is also named according to the village or town name. For instance if the stone Is excavated in shahabad area of Karnataka it is called Shahabad stone, and Similarly if it belongs to Malkapur ( malkapur stone), miryan, ogipur and basheerabad it is called Malkapur stone, Miryan stone ogipur stone and Basheerabad done.

Tandur stone colors

tandur stone colors

Tandur stone advantages and disadvantages

The Tandur laying stones primarily used for laying on the floor of various buildings throughout world. The Tandur stones are available in four different colors namely, Grey, Green,Yellow and chocolate, with different finishes like Honed, leather finish, Natural touch, tumble,and and sand blasted, etc. We are regularly manufacturing and supplying Tandur stones through wide network available in form of show rooms , agencies and small dealers available throughput India in cities like. Hyderabad in Telangana, Banglore in Karnataka, Chennai in Tamilnadu Bombay in Maharashtra, Ahmadabad in Gujarat, Jaypur in Rajasthan and Allahabad in Utterpradesh.

Tandur Stone price list of cut size

            Size          Thickness                      Rate

          11″x11″           25mm                      8/-pcs

        10″x10″              25mm                     7/-pcs

          9″x9″                25mm                      4/-pcs.

        22″x11″               25mm                   21/-pcs

        22″x10″             25mm                      16/-pcs

         22”x9”               25mm                       13/pcs.

         22″x14″              25mm                      33/pcs.

          22″x15″              25mm                     36/-pcs.

          17”x23″              25mm                      51/-pcs

          22″x22″               25mm                      66/-pcs

         23″x23                  25mm                  70/-pcs.

          22″x28″             25mm                    88/-pcs.

Being a market leader of this domain, we render the best quality of Tandoor Stone. Their elegant design and appearance make these products highly demanded.


  • High strength
  • Elegant design
  • Alluring appearance
  • Impeccable finish
  • Durable
  • Sturdy construction

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