Natural blue kota stone, flooring & wall cladding

Naksh Stone sell natural blue kota stone, for flooring & wall cladding, price - 18/-sq.ft. size- 2x2, thicknes- 18-24mm pre-polished material, this type of natural kota stone blue is used flooring and wall cladding for water proofing purpose,natural kota stone blue is used for water proofing of basement.

Natural kota stone blue

  • Size- 2'x2'
  • Thickness- 20-25mm
  • Finish type- pre-polished or sawn
  • Color- blue
  • Minimum quanity order- 6000sq.ft.
  • gst- 5%
  • loading- 150/-tone
  • weight- 5kg/-sq.ft.

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Natural blue kota stone
Natural kota stone (kota stone) tiles are timeless and not effected by fashion trends as each natural Kota stone tiles are durable and strong material for flooring.this is 100% purely natural stone.
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Naksh Stone
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