kotah stone flooring

kotah stone flooring

It is opposing skid kotah stone flooring,this flooring is best in interior or exterior purpose,kotah stone flooring has 3 color – blue,green and brown,mostly blue kota stone is employed in railroad terminal,warehouse,dairy plant and mall,kota Stone may be a fine-grained type of sedimentary rock. The made greenish-blue and brown colours of this stone square measure hottest. it’s a wonderful building stone. it’s in the main used for exteriors, pathways, corridors, driveways, balconies, business buildings etc. it’s conjointly appropriate to be used in chemical industries as flooring, wall fixing and lining.

Kota Stone Flooring

There is no alternate of kota stone flooring,kota Stone is incredibly helpful stone for flooring and flooring Interior purpose. This Polished stone is hard and simple to regulate in any size of flooring. we tend to square measure major provider of Kota Stone. we tend to offer kota Stone in homes, Offices and business malls for stone flooring purpose.Kota Stone competes within the marketplace for longer sturdiness. kota stone most sizes square measure around 240 cm long and seventy five cm in breadth. this can be because of the physical properties–the crispness of sedimentary rock. Since it’s sedimentary rock it’s not proof against acid and alkali.

Sizes and thickness 

  • Cut to size  (inch)  11×11,22×11,22×16,9×9,22×10,10×10,22×15,22×14,21×21,22×22,22×28,17×23,17×11,22×28
  • Skirting (inch)-  22×4,22×5,17×5
  • Slab size (feet) – 2×2,2×3,2×4,2×5,2×6,2×7,2.5×3.2.5×2.5.2×4.2.5×5.2.5×6,2.5×7
  • Thickness – 18-24mm or 25-32mm
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