kota stone flooring images

kota stone flooring images

kota stone flooring images is different experience of natural blue stone flooring,kota stone has two color-blue and brown,Kota stone is a naturally available limestone with an elite blend of shades. It is usually available in the Kota district of Rajasthan state of India .Kota stone flooring images is well known for its attractive colors. However, the brown color is the popular. Other colors are – Black,blue,Pink,red, and Beige. Physical properties like hardness, non- porous and homogeneity make kota stone color extraordinary from other stones.

kota stone flooring images

Kota stone flooring is used in two finishes like -rough dressing and semi-polished finish. kota stone color is an excellent building stone for Pathways, Corridors, Driveways, Commercial buildings. Kota stone flooring is also used in chemical industries due to its resistant properties,Kota stone flooring is a fine, combine of magnificence and luxury giving used in the interior and exterior to enhance the look of the building of kota stone color are used just like red,grey,brown and blue

Kota stone color

kota stone has different identified natural flooring stone,it is very good for eyes,jaisalmer yellow marble and green marble is used in kota stone flooring designs,

kota stone flooring with other stones

Other natural stone just like white marble and black granite are used with kota stone flooring.

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