kota stone blue

FATL4135 11zon kota stone blue

kota Stone Blue

Naksh stone is well known Leading company in kota stone Industries,Polished kota stone is used in interior and Exterior like Warehouse,Railway Station & Schools,kota stone price depend on kota stone size,thickness and finishing, Kota Stone blue is very blended stone sharpness is not both surface of kota stone,

Blue kota stone

We are leading and pioneer in kota stone industries,we are top kota stone supplier and kota stone dealer & kota stone manufacturer,Now-a-day new invent in kota stone history,Mirror polished kota stone blue tiles is Ready to fil tiles,no require Polishing after installation of kota tiles, in other language Finished kota stone tiles,thos kota stone tiles is available in 22×22,22×16, in inch, kota stone thickness- 18mm, this is reqular size and ready to stock,kota stone tiles is ready made stone tiles,mirror polished kota stone is very final finished kota stone,we are top kota stone supplier in kota Rajasthan,

Brown Kota Stone

Brown Kota Stone is avaibilty is very low than kota stone brown,kota brown is sold in rough and finished surface,Brown kota stone in leather finished and mirror finished kota brwon,Brown kota stone tiles,Brown kota stone is River finished and sand blast brown kota stone,

Rough Kota Stone

Rough Kota stone blue  has natural look of kotastone in many diffrent sizes and thickness,polished kotastone mainly found in kotaRajasthan,there is more than thousand of kota stone industries in kota,in these kota stone Factories kota stone cuting and polishing work done,kota stone price in kota india,best quality of kota stone is prepared in these kota stone units,like leather Finished kota stone ,Sand blast kota stone, shortblast kota stone,River finished kota stone,mirror polished kota stone ,in kota 200 hundreds kota stone mines,kota stone dealer in your area,

kota stone wholesaler & Manufacturer

Kota stone blue is very fine grained stone mostly kota stone has two color first – kota Stone blue , second – kota stone brown,finished kota stone is like ceremic tiles,kota stone tiles is new Era in kota stone industries,


  • kota stone size – 22″x22″,22″x16″,22″x28″,2’x2′,2’x4′,5’x2′,6’x2′,
  • kota stone thickness — 20,30,40 and 50mm,
  • Finish type- mirror polished,semi-polished,short blast etc.
  • Colour- blue, brown, green and black


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