kota price in Rajasthan

kota stone Rate in Rajasthan is very low beacause there is thousand manufacturers of kota stone in kota Rajasthan,kota rates depend at size,thickness and finishing, what type of kota stone you want buy that is mater of price if you want to kota tiles than price will be 50/-sq.ft. this is fully ready made tiles no polished require,

kota stone Rate in Rajasthan

Above rates are exluding loading,Royalty and Gst 5% will charge extra,there is more than thousand manufacturers and suppliers in Ramganj mandi kota Rajasthan, if you require huge quanity kota stone than you should go to kota and buy kota stone,

Benefits of kota stone flooring

  • Tough natural stone
  •  Non- water absorbent
  •   Non-slip flooring
  •    Non-porous Nature
  •    Easy to Cut in Any Size
  •    Affordable prices compared to Marble
  •     20 tone weight can bare 40mm kota flooring

Prices of Kotah Stone – The price of this stone depends on the size, thickness, finishing, along with this issue of price on the quality of the stone also comes,

Kota Stone price list of cut-to- size in Ramganj Mandi ( Rajasthan)

          Size               Rate

  • 11″x 11″      8.00/-pcs
  • 10″x10″      6.50rs/-pcs
  • 9″ x 9″         4.00/-pcs.
  • 22″ x11″     21.00/-pcs
  • 22″x10″     16.00/-pcs
  • 22”x9”       13.00/pcs.
  • 22″x14″     33.00/pcs.
  • 22″x15″     36.00/-pcs.
  • 22”x16”     45.00/-pcs.
  • 17”x23″     51.00/-pcs
  • 22″x22″     66.00/-pcs
  • 23″x23″    72.00/-pcs.
  • 22″x28″      87.50/-pcs.

Pre-polished Kota Stone – This type of Kota stone is made of sawn, in which the top surface is smooth, if you want more shine then you have to wear it after applying Kota.


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