Best kota stone dealer in kota

Best kota stone dealer in kota

Best kota stone dealer in kota Rajasthan,Naksh Stone is biggest manufacturer in Ramganjmandi kota rajasthan,we are largest kota stone factory area in Kudayla industrial area Ramganj mandi kota Rajasthan,
Benefits of kota stone flooring

  • Tough Stone
  • Non- water absorbent
  • Non-slip flooring
  • Non-porous Nature
  • Easy to Cut in Any Size
  • Affordable prices compared to Marble

Best kota stone dealer in kota   

we are best kota stone manufacturer in kota stone industries, we have all type of kota stone just like rough kota stone,polished kota stone,high polished kota stone and mirror polished every time we have 50,000 sq.ft. kota stone in ready stock we have experiance holder employees teem who do best work to complete kota stone,
Kota Stone is very beneficial stone for flooring and flooring Interior purpose. This Polished stone is tough and easy to adjust in any size of flooring. We are major supplier of Kota Stone. We supply kota Stone in homes, Offices and commercial malls for flooring purpose.

  • Size – 2×2,2×2,2×3,2×4,2×5,2×6 ( in feet)
  • Cut-to-size – 11×11,22×22,23×23,22×14,22×15,22×11,22×8,22×9.22×10, ( in inch)
  • Thickness – 20-50mm
  • Colour – Red,Blue,Brown,Black And Green
  • Uses – Interior and Exterior flooring purpose
  • Price Range – From 8/-sq.ft. upto 78/-sq.ft.
  • Form – Natural,semi-polished,high-polished and mirror polished

Kota stone price list

Size         Thickness             Rate
1×1           25mm                  8/-sq.ft.
2×1           25mm                 12/-sq.ft.
2×1.5        25mm                  17/-sq.ft.
2×2           25mm                 17/-sq.ft.
2×2.5        25mm                  17/-sq.ft.
2×3           25mm                  21/-sq.ft,
2×3.5        25mm                  24/-sq.ft.
2×4           25mm                  24/-sq.ft.
2×4.5       25mm                  24/-sq.ft.
2×5           25mm                  29/-sq.ft.
2×5.5         25mm                 30/-sq.ft.
2×6           25mm                  30/-sq.ft.
2×6.5        25mm                   30/-sq.ft.
2×7           25mm                  34/-sq.ft.
2×8           25mm                  38/-sq.ft.
Finishing – semi-polished surface and edges uncut
Thickness – +3 -3 mm thickness will be vary

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