Best stone for flooring in India

Best stone for flooring in India

Best Stone for Flooring in India: Merging Tradition with Modernity

India, with its vast geological diversity and deep-rooted architectural history, has always been at the forefront of utilizing natural stones in construction. The subcontinent’s terrain offers a rich tapestry of stones that are not just durable but also exude unparalleled beauty. When it comes to flooring, the options are myriad, but some stones stand out due to their popularity, aesthetic appeal, and functionality. In this article, we’ll highlight the best stones for flooring in India, drawing from the country’s rich legacy and modern preferences.

1. Marble:

  • Features: Synonymous with luxury, marble has a smooth finish with intricate veining. Its cooling properties make it a favorite in the tropical climate of India.
  • Popular Varieties: Makrana, Rajnagar, Ambaji.
  • Use: Ideal for living rooms, bedrooms, and sacred spaces.

2. Granite:

  • Features: Renowned for its toughness and diverse color palette, granite resists scratches and stains, making it ideal for high-traffic areas.
  • Popular Varieties: Black Galaxy, Kashmir White, Madurai Gold.
  • Use: Perfect for kitchens, staircases, and entrance halls.

3. Kota Stone:

  • Features: This fine-grained limestone variant is known for its affordability and non-slippery properties.
  • Popular Varieties: Kota Blue, Kota Brown.
  • Use: Widely used in exteriors, pathways, and corridors, but its durability also makes it suitable for interiors.

4. Sandstone:

  • Features: With its earthy colors and rustic appeal, sandstone offers a blend of aesthetics and functionality.
  • Popular Varieties: Dholpur Beige, Agra Red, Jodhpur Pink.
  • Use: Great for verandas, patios, and occasionally for indoor spaces.

5. Slate:

  • Features: Known for its natural cleft finish and rich colors, slate offers an earthy, rugged appeal.
  • Popular Varieties: Kund Multi, Indian Autumn.
  • Use: Suitable for both interiors and exteriors, especially in wet areas due to its non-slippery nature.

6. Quartzite:

  • Features: Born from the metamorphism of sandstone, quartzite is harder and offers a shimmering, decorative appearance.
  • Popular Varieties: Silver Shine, Golden Quartz.
  • Use: A top choice for both interiors and exteriors, including living rooms and patios.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Stone:

  • Climatic Suitability: Some stones stay cool in hot climates, making them ideal for places with high temperatures.
  • Maintenance: While stones like granite require minimal upkeep, others like sandstone may need regular sealing.
  • Aesthetics vs. Durability: While marble offers unparalleled elegance, it might be susceptible to stains. In contrast, granite might offer less aesthetic variability but is incredibly durable.


India’s array of natural stones offers homeowners and designers a plethora of choices. Each stone, with its unique character and history, has the potential to transform spaces. Whether you’re drawn to the timeless charm of marble, the ruggedness of slate, or the affordability of Kota stone, India’s stone flooring options promise a blend of beauty, durability, and a touch of the timeless Indian architectural legacy.

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