kota stone suppliers ramganj mandi rajasthan india,we are quarry owner of all type of kota stone material,kota stone price depend on size,thickness & finishing,in case of an old construction also, there is no need to break the existing floor. Floor is laid just after applying the mixture of Crushed sand and Cement in the ratio 5:1; hence use of 10 flagons of crushed sand and 2 flagons of cement is enough to maintain the thickness around 1.5 Inches.the next step is to lay the slabs on  the floor. All the pieces are to be set equally height-wise – a wooden tool is popularly used to align it well. The skirting is installed the next day.

kota stone suppliers ramganj mandi rajasthan

Blue kota stone is attractive flooring of kota stone,kota stone blue is very hard stone it is not obser water,it is anti-skid kota stone blue,It is a type of stone very famous and strong and a variety of blue kota .Kota Stone Blue is mainly used as the building stone in the construction of pathways, corridors, balconies, footpaths and also used as many other purposes like even in flooring. After polishing this stone it gives glittering shine and smoothness to the stone after cutting into appropriate pieces and thickness. It is even popular for its low price and charming colors available in the market. eyes as well.

kota Stone price list of cut-to-size

Size            Rate

11"x11"          8.00/-pcs

10"x10"         6.50/-pcs

9"x9"             4.00/-pcs.

22"x11"         21.00/-pcs

22"x10"        16.00/-pcs

22''x9''         13.00/pcs.

22"x14"       33.00/pcs.

22"x15"        36.00/-pcs.

17''x23"         51.00/-pcs

22"x22"        66.00/-pcs

23"x23"       70.00/-pcs.

22"x28"       87.50/-pcs.

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kota stone suppliers ramganj mandi rajasthan
kota stone suppliers Ramganj mandi Rajasthan- there are many kota stone suppliers in Ramganj mandi, kota, Rajasthan india,from here you can buy kota stone in any quantity of any size of kota stone.
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