kota stone price list depend at size & finish type of kota stone,kota is basically a district of Rajasthan, India. where hundreds of mines are located, town name Ramganj mandi is known for its famous kota mines.color of kota is rich greenish-blue and brown, mostly used in industrial area, garden area, temple, lobby area, railway stations, hospitals, stair case etc.commercial building and chemical factories choose kota because it is non-slippery, non-porous, tough, durable stone and at the same time it is affordable.

kota stone price 

we give best price of kota pathar at wholeale rate,kota stone price start from 8rs./-sq.ft. upto 86rs./-sq.ft.,Kota is also known as Ranikota/Green kota. Every lot has color variation from grey, pink, rich greenish-blue, brown, poison green etc. In garden area rough kota is used on walking path by keeping more distance on grooving, where grass is planted for attractive look.

12X120mm to 30 mm11/-per sft
22X1.520mm to 30 mm16/-per sft
32X220mm to 30 mm17/-per sft
43X220mm to 30 mm21/-per sft
54X220mm to 30 mm23.50/-per sft
65X220mm to 30 mm29/-per sft
76X220mm to 30 mm30/- per sft

kota stone

It is very beneficial stone for flooring and flooring Interior purpose. This Polished stone is tough and easy to adjust in any size of flooring. We are major supplier of Kota Stone. We supply kota Stone in homes, Offices and commercial malls for flooring purpose.

Main features

  • Size – 2×2,2×2.5,2×3,2×3.5,2×4,2×4.5,2×5,2×2.5.5,2×6,2×6.5,2×7,2×8,( in feet)
  • Cut-to-size – 11×11,22×22,23×23,22×14,22×15,22×11,22×8,22×9.22×10, ( in inch)
  • Thickness – 20-50mm
  • Colour – Red,Blue,Brown,Black And Green
  • Stone form – cut-to-size & slab size
  • Origin – kota (Rajasthan)
  • Main market – Ramganjmandi (Rajasthan)
  • Uses – Interior and Exterior flooring purpose,water proofing
  • Price Range – From 8/-sq.ft. upto 78/-sq.ft.
  • Form – Natural,Rough,semi-polished,high-polished,river-finished,leather finished,shortblast,sand balst and mirror polished
  • Packing – loose in truck & in wooden box for exporting abroad
  • Gst – 5% unfinished &18% finished
  • Loading – 150/-tone
  • Transportation charge – depend at distance
  • Weight – 5.5kg/-sq.ft. for 25mm thickness
  • Maintence – Only clean by water
  • Minimum quanity order – 5000 sq.ft.or full truck load
  • Payment term – Rtgs,online,cheque & cash

kota pathar

This stone competes in the market for longer durability.  Its maximum sizes are around 240 cm in length and 75 cm in width. This is due to the physical properties–the brittleness of limestone. Since it is limestone it is not resistant to acid and alkali.

Benefits of kota stone flooring

  • Tough natural stone
  • Non- water absorbent
  • Non-slip flooring
  • Non-porous Nature
  • Easy to Cut in Any Size
  • Affordable prices compared to Marble
  • 20 tone weight can bare 40mm kota flooring

 Flooring designs of kota stone

  • kota stone flooring with jaisalmer marble
  • kota stone blue with white marble
  • kota stone green with pink sandstone
  • Mirror polished kota stone tiles flooring
  • Rough kota stone blue with brown sandstone
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kota stone price start from 3/-sq.ft. to 58/-sq.ft.
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