Kota stone price in hyderabad per square feet

Kota stone price in hyderabad per square feet

Kota Stone Prices in Hyderabad: A Comprehensive Guide

Hyderabad, known for its rich cultural heritage and bustling markets, is also a hub for construction materials. One such popular material is Kota stone, renowned for its durability and aesthetic appeal. This guide provides detailed insights into the current pricing of Kota stone in Hyderabad, per square foot, helping buyers make informed decisions.

Understanding Kota Stone

Before diving into the pricing, it’s essential to understand what Kota stone is. Originating from Kota, Rajasthan, this fine-grained limestone has become a preferred choice for flooring due to its strength, non-slippery surface, and low water absorption rate.

Price Breakdown per Square Foot

1. Semi-Polished Kota Stone (2×2)

  • Price: ₹36 per square foot
  • Features: This variant offers a decent level of polish, making it suitable for areas where moderate aesthetic appeal is desired. Its semi-polished nature provides a balance between rustic and refined looks.

2. High Polished Kota Stone (2×2)

  • Price: ₹55 per square foot
  • Features: Offering a higher level of sheen, this high polished Kota stone variant is perfect for spaces where a more elegant and sophisticated finish is desired. It reflects light beautifully, adding brightness to any room.

3. High Polished Kota Stone (5×2)

  • Price: ₹70 per square foot
  • Features: This larger-sized, high polished stone is ideal for spacious areas. Its high polish and bigger dimensions make it a premium choice for luxury spaces, combining grandeur with durability.

4. Mirror Polished Kota Stone (4×2)

  • Price: ₹80 per square foot
  • Features: As the name suggests, this variant offers a mirror-like finish, the highest level of polish available in Kota stones. It is perfect for creating a statement flooring that stands out in terms of both quality and aesthetics.

Factors Influencing Prices

Several factors can affect the price of Kota stone in Hyderabad:

  • Size and Thickness: Larger and thicker stones typically cost more due to increased material and handling costs.
  • Finish: The level of polish (semi, high, or mirror) directly impacts the price.
  • Demand and Supply: Fluctuations in demand and availability can cause price variations.
  • Transportation Costs: Being sourced from Rajasthan, transportation costs significantly influence the final price in Hyderabad.


Kota stone offers a blend of durability and elegance, making it a popular choice for flooring in Hyderabad. The variety in finishes and sizes allows it to cater to diverse aesthetic and budget requirements. With prices ranging from ₹36 to ₹80 per square foot, depending on the type and finish, customers can choose the best option that fits their needs and budget.

Whether for residential or commercial spaces, understanding these pricing details can significantly aid in planning and executing flooring projects efficiently.

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