kota stone mines

kota stones quarry is found in Rajasthan,There are main business of Ramganj Mandi tehsil of kota district of Rajasthan,there is 40 to 50 quarry are located in pipakhedi,Checht,Roongi,Neravat,Biriyakhedi and Nandya khedi, ASI Industries is Biggest qurry owner in Kota Rajasthan,

Kota stone quarry

There is main Economy power of kota Rajasthan, 4 lakh people work in these mining of kota pathar,90% area is blue kota stones, only 10% area is brown kotah stone in total mining area.

Kotah Mining Area 

Kotah quarry area is 1.8 lakh sq.ft. in including of Jhalawar and kota districts, this area is cover only agriculture land no cover in forest area,kotah stone quarry is big revenue of Rajasthan state government, main mines in Ramganjmandi & jhalawar district

Kotah Stones Quarry Ramganj Mandi

Main mines area comes in under Ramganj mandi area,blue colour kota stone is main production of all kotah mines but kota brown area in mines is very low so price of kota brown is very high than blue mines area

Kota stone mines news

With the closure of the biggest stone company of the region, more than 35 thousand workers of the area have become unemployed and the government is also suffering a huge loss of royalty and tax every day, in the form of royalty in 22 days, about one crore fifty lakhs. Damage has been done while the government is unable to get tax of lakhs of rupees even now, there is silence in the mines. Workers migrate to another place in search of work. They are forced

The largest stone company in the area was shocked due to the objection of the NGT, the closure of the mines also brought the loading work to a halt, as the SI company pays only 60% of the total royalties in the Ramganj mandi area, as the Kota stone is inverted. In that too, the contractor has been suffering from vomiting due to closure of the mines and the government is also losing the amount of tax.


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