Kota Stone manufacturers in india ,Kota, Rajasthan, India.  It is available in attractive, earthy colours. However, it does not have the sophisticated appearance of Marble or Granite. It is more rustic looking.  But Shahbad is mostly grey.

kota stone manufacturers in india

Natural: Like Marble or Granite, Kota is a natural stone and is bio-degradable and a green option.
FinishKota stone can be finished according to requirement such as one-side honed, both-sides honed, hand cut, machine cut, polished, mirror finish and calibrated etc.
HygienicKota, being non-porous and moisture resistant, is a hygienic flooring option in humid regions.
Cool: Kota reflects heat and is always cool and comfortable underfoot.
AffordableUnlike Marble or Granite, Kota stone is very affordable. In fact it is the cheapest stone among other natural stones.
Wide range: Kota is available in beautiful colours  like black, pink, grey and beige. though the rich greenish-blue and brown colours are the most popular.

Size and thickness

  • Cut to size  (inch) – 11”x11”,22”x11”,22”x16”,9”x9”,22”x10”,10”x10”,22”x15”,22”x14”,21”x21”,22”x22”,22”x28”,17”x23”,17”x11”,
  • Kota stone skirting size (inch)-  22×4,22×5,17×5,
  • Slab size of kota stone (feet) – 2×2,2×3,2×4,2×5,2×6,2×7,2.5×3.2.5×2.5.2×4.2.5×5.2.5×6,2.5×7,
  • Thickness – 18-24mm or 25-32mm
  • Colour – Red,Blue,Brown,Black And Green
    Uses – Interior and Exterior flooring purpose
    Price Range – From 8/-sq.ft. upto 78/-sq.ft.
    Form – Natural,semi-polished,high-polished and mirror polished

Benefits of kota stone flooring

  • Tough Stone
  • Non- water absorbent
  • Non-slip flooring
  • Non-porous Nature
  • Easy to Cut in Any Size
  • Affordable prices compared to Marble

Kota Stone price list of cut size

          Size                   Thickness                 Rate

  • 11″x11″              25mm         8.00/-pcs
  • 10″x10″              25mm         6.50rs/-pcs
  • 9″x9″                  25mm         4.00/-pcs.
  • 22″x11″              25mm         21.00/-pcs
  • 22″x10″              25mm         16.00/-pcs
  • 22”x9”                25mm          13.00/pcs.
  • 22″x14″              25mm          33.00/pcs.
  • 22″x15″              25mm          36.00/-pcs.
  • 22”x16”              25mm          45.00/-pcs.
  • 17”x23″              25mm           51.00/-pcs
  • 22″x22″              25mm          66.00/-pcs
  • 23″x23″              25mm          70.00/-pcs.
  • 22″x28″              25mm          87.50/-pcs.
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