Kota stone flooring is better than flooring of other natural stones, it is available in four colors – blue, green, yellow, black and brown, can apply flooring of Kota indoors and outdoor, Cota flooring has many finishes. It comes in like – Pre-polished, natural finish, leather finish, river finished, short blast and mirror polished.

kota stone flooring

Cota flooring is very good for the flooring of house and heavy machinery because Kota stone can bear more weight than other stone, Kota stone does not observe water, hence the problem of getting water on it. Rough Kota stone flooring is installed there, Cota flooring does not require much cleanliness, only periodic mop and broom is needed. Ti, flooring glow of quotas does not impair the year, while the flooring of marble Avan granite is impaired after some time, Kota flooring cheaper than other stone and ceramic tiles.

Kota Flooring Price

In terms of the flooring price of Kota Stone, other stone marble and granite flooring is cheaper than the cost of flooring, the cost of installing the flooring from this is from 18rs./ -sq.ft to 25rs/- sq.ft. Costs up to Apart from the cost of material, if you are of small size like – 1 x 1. If you take 2x 1, then the cost of applying it is 2rs ./- sq.ft. Increases, if you wear it after applying the flooring, then it is 12rs./-sq.ft. The expenses of the money comes separately, the expenses which we have mentioned which are from Rajasthan, if you live in a different city, then the rate may increase and decrease.

Cotta Flooring Pattern

Flooring of this is mostly done in the square, the floor of the kota is mostly used in the size of 2×2, if the size of the room is small, then you can also apply the size of 1.5m2, if you want to install it in a big hall, then you 2×2 and 2×2 can also choose the size of 2.5, skirting is applied in the corner of the wall and flooring, the size of which is 22 ” x 4″ or 22 ” x 5″. Flooring white marble, green marble and black granite strip is put on, which looks beautiful after applying.

Benefits of Cotta  flooring

  • Be it very strong
  • No slippery problem
  • Flooring this can be polished back like new,
  • The flooring feels cool in summer,
  • The blue color of this flooring is good for the eyes,
  • If a lot has a quota stone then the color is also a
  • Total cost of cota flooring is better than other flooring

Loss of Cotta flooring

  • Cota’s flooring is not acid-proof,
  • Its flooring marks with a sharp object,
  • No large slabs like marble and granite are found in the flooring of Kota.
  • It has a problem of floating color variation,
  • The problem comes in the matching of both stones,
  • If the flooring of the out door is filled with water, then white water comes.

Kota Stone Flooring Colour

Flooring of Cotta has four colors – gray, blue, brown, red and black, if all the colors are mixed in this flooring, then the flooring looks good, what kind of looking makes you look forward. I can see, the combination of black and blue in the car parking is done in a leather finish, which looks great,

Kota Stone Flooring Size 

 In this flooring, Kota Stone of size of mostly 2×2,1×1.5 and 2×1.5 is applied, the thickness of which depends on the user’s repair par. A thickness quota of up to 1 is applied, a floor size quota of 1, 1, 2, 1 is applied.

Green Kota Stone Flooring

Flooring of green quota means high polished quota stone, to make this pre-polished quota stone green, it is made more glowing than the abrasive, but in the market today, there is more demand for flooring of green quota stone. It does not need to be polished after applying.

Cotta stone flooring
Advantages of Kota Stone Flooring
Honey cota flooring
yellow kota stone flooring
green kota stone
blue kota stone

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