kota stone flooring price in india

Kota stone flooring price starts from 14/-sq.ft. upto 78/-sq.ft. it depends at size,thickness,colour.distance from kota (Rajasthan) and finish type of kota stone surface.

Kota stone flooring price 

  1. Kota flooring polishing charge- 12.00/-sq.ft.
  2. Kota stone transport cost- 3kg/-rupees
  3. Loading charge -00.50 rupees/-sq.ft.
  4. Gst charge- 1.00rupees/-sq.ft.
  5. Basic rate of kota stone semi-polished or diamond polished
  6. Kota stone fixing charge – 20.00rupees/-sq.ft.
  7. kota stone weight per sq.ft.- 5kg/-sq.ft.for 20-25mm thickness
  8. kota stone weight per sq.ft.- 6kg/-sq.ft.for 25-32mm thickness

Kota stone flooring rate analysis

Kota stone flooring rate analysis-you can know how to calculate the rate of Kota stone flooring,we need to check whether the Kota stone is better polish for the pollution shall be done at site the Kota stone available is cut two sides of the cutting shall be done at site in this rate analysis I am going to consider factory pollution cut to size kota kota stone required for 1 square metre area in equal to 1 square metre for Kota stone the wastage is 5% so 1 into 5% is equal to 0.0 square metre Kota stone including wastage for one square metre area Shalby oneplus 0.05 in the equal to 1.0 square metre considerate of factory polish and cut to size Kota stone in 65 rupees per square feet total cost of Kota stone shall be 1.05 into 65 into 10.764 is equal to 7 35 rupees will consider a cement sand wedding of 40 mm thickness in cement mortar 1824 volume of water the formula is 1 into 0.04 is equal to 0.0 metre we will at 14% for dry 28 volume 0.04 into 40% is equal to 0.0 to cubic metre total volume of water shall be 0.04 + 0.02 is equal to 0.083 number of cement bag the formula in 0.0625 1 + 4 is equal to 0.0 1 cubic metre 1 is to 4 is the proportion of cement mortar in cement Panchal be 15 the volume of 1 bag of cement is 0.035 Cubic metre and will divide by 0.035 to convert it into bad the formula is 0.01 divided by 0 1 0 3 5 is equal to zero point 32 back you will consider the rate of cement add to it rupees amount of cement required Shalby 0.32 into 80 is equal to 90 Rupees now we will calculate standard in cubic metre the formula is 0.06 divided by 1 + 4 into 4 is equal to 0.0 metre x 4 because that is 4 times the cement in proportion of 1824 considered a rate of crushed sand 3000 rupees per + 3000 2.83 is equal to 1060 rupees per cubic metre amount of 0.04 into 1060 is equal to 40 7 rupees total material cost is 7:35 + 90 + 47 is equal to 8 72 rupees at quotation cost to start girls and consumables at 5% in 72 into 5% is equal to 44 rupees and one person for safety 872 into 1% is equal to 8.7 to rupees now the sum total 87 32 + 32 + 6.46 equal to 9 24 rupees as per current market the labour rate for Kota stone fixing is 25 rupees per square feet hands for one square metre the labour cost shall be 1 into 25 into 10.764 is equal to 2 69 rupees we will consider cost of air pollution 12 rupees per square feet that is 12 into 10.764 is equal to 1 29 rupees the subtotal is 9 24 + 269 + 129 is equal to 1320 to do at 15% for retained profit 13 22 into 15% is equal to 1 90 Rupees rate for one square metre of Kota stone flooring is 1322 + 198 is equal to 1521 rupees important know the metal is considered interest rate analysis of GST the material and Labour rates may vary depending on the site condition apply for contractor and I have not considered the wastage of cement and sand in mortar you can consider it as per your convenience.

Kota stone laying cost 

Kota stone laying cost 20/-sq ft upto 35/-sq ft. it depends at availability of labours and raw material prices,in rajasthan laying rate -20/-sq ft whereas kota stone laying rate in mumbai -35/-sq ft.Therefore, you can also include the area in the cost, if the area is a metropolitan area, then the cost of installing quota flooring is more.


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