Kota marble rate

Kota marble rate in india- kota marble price depend at size,thickness,finish and colour,basic rate of kota marble start from 8rs./-sq.ft. upto 68/-sq.ft. in kota Rajasthan basic price excluding gst,loading,royalty and transportation will extra charge.

kota marbe rate in india

This price is only semi-polished material.if you require high polished than you have to pay 6rs./-sq.ft. extra charge,12/-sq.ft. for mirror polished cost,leather finish polish charge- 15/-sq.ft.and short blast charge – 12/-sq.ft.

What is Kota marble

kota marble rate is very low than other natural stones.Kota marble may be a naturally offered, fine-grained sort of stone originated from Kota, Rajasthan.Its alluring natural look, durability and low cost makes it the most extensively used material in both the interiors and exteriors of houses and commercial areas.Kota is acknowledge for its shiny look and charming colors, and ages beautifully over time.It is offered in several shapes and sizes and may simply mix with any home ornamentation.In fact, the material is quite an asset in the construction industry in terms of the unique characteristics it possesses.Stone Flooring Manufacturers in kota ( Rajasthan )

Advantages of Kota marble flooring

  • It is hard, non-porous and a homogeneous material which can be widely used in different areas.
  • It is not water absorbent and is anti-slip hence is the most perfect and hygienic flooring for humid areas.
  • It is very strong and long lasting.
  • The stone are often polished once more if a recent look is desired.
  • Kota is resistant enough to suit to any climate – dry, humid or cold.
  • It forms an important body fluid sturdy base for room countertops.
  • In many cases granite or marble slab counters are fixed on top of the Kota stone base.
  • It is economical, easily available and most durable natural stone available.
  • It is a awfully smart reflector of warmth creating it comfy to steer on.
  • They are offered in slabs and tiles type and very value effective as compared to different stones.
  • It is very cheap, easily available and most durable natural stones available.
  • Disadvantages of Kota Stone
  • kota marble rate is very low
  • It is not offered in massive block sizes like marble or granite.
  • Kota has many varieties of limestone which is very fragile hence they are available in small sizes.
  • Kota is not acid and alkali resistant and can be stained easily.
  • Continuous usage of Kota stone may end in flaking.
  • However if it’s well maintained and polished frequently flaking of the stone may well be prevented.
  • Its surface end isn’t thus lustrous as marble or granite.
  • The stone will would like regular maintenance however care ought to be taken to not drag serious furnishings over it.


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