How much does kota stone cost ?

how much does kota stone cost ?

How Much Does Kota Stone Cost? An In-Depth Analysis

Kota stone, a popular and timeless choice for flooring and cladding applications, is native to the Kota region in Rajasthan, India. Revered for its tough and non-water absorbent properties, its aesthetic appeal, and its natural shades, Kota stone has made its mark in residential, commercial, and industrial construction projects alike. If you’re contemplating the use of Kota stone in your next project, understanding its cost dynamics is crucial. So, how much does Kota stone cost?

Cost Overview:

The price of Kota stone varies significantly based on several factors. As of the recent market trends, the price starts from as low as 10/- per square feet and can go up to 120/- per square feet. Such a broad price range results from various factors such as size, thickness, color, and the finish type of the surface.

Key Cost Factors:

  1. Size: Generally, larger slabs are more expensive than smaller ones due to the reduction in wastage and the enhanced aesthetic of a seamless look. So, while smaller tiles might come across as cost-effective initially, using larger slabs might offer better value in bigger areas.

  2. Thickness: Thicker Kota stones, suitable for areas with high foot traffic or weight-bearing capacities, tend to be costlier than their thinner counterparts. The durability and resilience they offer make them a choice worth the extra cost in certain scenarios.

  3. Color: While the natural shades of Kota stone usually range from rich greens to muted greys, some unique or rarer hues can fetch a higher price. Additionally, consistent color without many variations or imperfections will usually be priced higher.

  4. Finish Type: The finish given to the Kota stone affects its cost substantially. A mirror-polished finish will be pricier as compared to a raw or natural finish. Other popular finishes include leather, flamed, and honed, each having its unique price tag. The finish not only alters the stone’s appearance but also its slip-resistance and maintenance needs.

Additional Costs:

Besides the base cost of the stone, remember to account for other supplementary expenses such as:

  • Transportation: Depending on the distance from the source or distributor, the shipping and handling charges can add to the total cost.

  • Installation: Laying Kota stone requires craftsmanship. Skilled labor costs, adhesive materials, and sealants (if needed) should be factored in.

  • Maintenance: While Kota stone is low-maintenance, periodic polishing or sealing might be needed, especially for certain finishes.


Kota stone’s cost-effectiveness, especially when considering its longevity and aesthetic appeal, makes it a favored choice for many. By understanding the factors influencing its price, one can make an informed decision that caters to both aesthetic desires and functional needs. Whether you choose a basic 10/- per square foot tile or the more premium 120/- per square foot slab, rest assured that with proper care, Kota stone will stand the test of time.

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