Green kota stone

Green kota stone

Green kota stone or kota stone green manufacturer,suppler & dealer in kota

Kota ladi is attractive flooring of kota stone,it is very hard stone it is not obser water,it is anti-skid kota stone,It is a type of stone very famous and strong and a variety of kota stone. Kota pathar is mainly used as the building stone in the construction of pathways, corridors, balconies, footpaths and also used as many other purposes like even in flooring. After polishing this stone it gives glittering shine and smoothness to the stone after cutting into appropriate pieces and thickness. It is even popular for its low price and charming colors available in the market. eyes as well.

Green kota stone

Green Kota pathar is known for its wide applications due to its durability and beautiful appearance. Kota stone’s unique properties makes it an ideal stone for builders. It is essentially a dolomite stone. Upon wetting and drying there is no apparent delamination effect. Naksh stones offers Kota stone slabs, grey limestone, polished limestone and limestone tiles. Kota is  a popular limestone, that makes an excellent building stone because it can be carved easily. The specialty of this limestone is in its hardness and it can be used both for interiors as well as exteriors. The polished surface finish shines like a mirror. It has minor color variation but within tolerance limit.

kota stone green

Available size – 2×2,2×3, …. ( in feet)
Thickness – 20-32mm
Uses- outdoor & indoor flooring
price range – 12/-sq.ft. upto 48/-sq ft 
Gst- 5%
Minimum order- 5000sq.ft.
Stone type – Green Limestone
Origin-kota,Rajasthan ( india)
Finish type – rough & high polished
Availabilty- in stock

Kota stone have gained much popularity because of its fine shades of bluish green that adds livelines to the surrounding. This stone is preferred for flooring and wall cladding. Paving and facades of buildings. It is mainly because Kota stone greenish has the unique properties of blue limestone. This Kota Stone is very tough, non-water absorbent,non-slip,non-porous and excellent stain removability, Kota stones are available in variety of finishes in different finish froms such as tiles, slabs, cobbles, and block, Kota lime stones  tiles and Blocks can be cut to any size as per the requirement of the clients, edges are honed to avoid possible damages during transportation or application at the site.

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