What is Basalt?

Black basalt stone may be a dark-coloured, fine-grained, rock composed mainly of plagioclase and pyroxene minerals. It most ordinarily forms as an extrusive rock, like a lava flow, but also can form in small intrusive bodies, like an igneous dike or a skinny sill. It has a composition similar to gabbro. The difference between basalt and gabbro is that basalt may be a fine-grained rock while gabbro may be a coarse-grained rock.

Uses of Basalt

Basalt is used for a wide variety of purposes. It is most ordinarily crushed to be used as an aggregate in construction projects. Crushed basalt is employed for road base, concrete aggregate, asphalt pavement aggregate, railroad ballast, filter stone in drain fields, and should other purposes. Basalt is also cut into dimension stone. Thin slabs of basalt are cut and sometimes polished to be used as floor tiles, building veneer, monuments, and other stone objects.

Black Basalt Cobbles

  1. Basalt stone cobble size- 4″x4″ thickness- 35-65mm
  2. Basalt stone cobblestone price – 8900/-tone 

Black basalt Stone

Black Basalt : basalt is an aphanitic (fine-grained) rock with generally 45-55% silica (SiO2) and fewer than 10% feldspathoid by volume, and where a minimum of 65% of the rock is feldspar in the form of plagioclase. It is the foremost common igneous rock type on Earth, being a key component of oceanic crust also because of the principal igneous rock in many mid-oceanic islands, including Iceland, the Faroe Islands, Réunion and the islands of Hawaii. Basalt commonly features a really fine-grained or glassy matrix interspersed with visible mineral grains. The average density is 3.0 gm/cm3.

Basalt is a hard, black extrusive igneous rock. Extrusive means it comes mainly from volcanic eruptions. It has a coffee silica incontent which enables this lava to flow quickly and allows volcanic gases to flee without explosive events. It is a fine grained rock and is that the commonest rock type within the crust .

Basalt underlies more of surface than the other rock type. Most areas within Earth’s ocean basins are underlain by basalt. Although basalt is far less common on continents, lava flows and flood basalts underlie several percent of Earth’s land surface. Basalt may be a vital rock.

Basalt is also an abundant rock on the Moon. Much of the Moon’s surface is underlain by basaltic lava flows and flood basalts. These areas of the Moon are referred to as “lunar maria.” Large areas of the Moon are resurfaced by extensive basalt flows which can are triggered by major impact events. The ages of lunar maria are often estimated by observing the density of impact craters on their surface. Younger basalt flows will have fewer craters.

Olympus Mons is a shield volcano on Mars. It, like most other volcanic features on Mars, was formed from basaltic lava flows. It is the highest mountain on Mars and is the largest known volcano in our solar system.

pavers and dimension stone. Basalt was used as stadium seating and street pavers throughout the Roman Empire. Today, basalt is usually used as crushed aggregate in construction projects. Crushed basalt is employed for road base, concrete aggregate, asphalt pavement aggregate, railroad ballast, filter stone in drain fields. But, basalt is also cut into dimension stone. In thin slabs it is used for building veneers, flooring, etc. and in its large columnar chunks it’s wont to create large durable stone objects, monuments, and even art. Thicker cut applications include basalt pavers.

This stunning 20mm Black Granite is becoming increasingly popular because it is hard-wearing and perfect for the use on driveways. It is perfect for making a bold statement in your garden and adding the wow factor. The stone reflects the light and will look beautiful in any garden to add style. Due to the durability of this stone it will remain looking beautiful in your garden for many years.

  • Black Basalt 20mm
  • Bag Size: Approx 850Kg Bulk Bags and 20kg Sealed Bags
  • Size: 20mm
  • Uses: Driveways, Water Features, Rockeries and Aquatics
  • Colour: Black (grey when dry)
  • Shape: Angular
  • Specification: BS EN 1260

Colour and Shape

This gravel shows a grey colour when dry, yet reflects a beautiful black colour when wet; making this a versatile product. it is available as an angular gravel and is a naturally quarried product, which may result in variations of size and shape.

Rock face basalt stone price

Rock face basalt stone
  • Rock face size – 6″x6″, 8″x4″, 12″x4″, 12″x6″, 12″x4″,12″x9″,6″x15″,4″x15″,9″x15″,
  • Black basalt stone rock face rate – 90/-sq ft
  • Loading- 280/-tone
  • Royalty- 260/-tone
  • Frieght charge extra

Images for Basalt stone rockface

Availability of basalt stone

We can usually accommodate a next day delivery service if the product is ordered before 1pm for an additional cost. Normal delivery is 2-3 working days from when the order is placed. The delivery is additionally subject to weather and stock levels. All supplied in Bulk Bags (950KG) or Sealed bags (25KG). We also supply a sample which may be a small poly bag sent via first-class post.

Loose Load Deliveries

For a competitive loose load delivery price (bulk deliveries) for large areas please contact our sales team on 9252041982

Short blast basalt stone price

Size         Thickness        Rate 

24″x24″ 19-20mm    133/-sq ft

22″x22″ 19-20mm    123/-sq ft

24″x24″ 29-30mm    163/-sq ft

22″x22″ 29-30mm    153/-sq ft

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short blast basalt stone
Black Basalt block
Short blast basalt stone

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