Agra red sand stone

Agra red sandstone is found near dholpur and bharatpur district of Rajasthan state. it has  very beautiful is available in two type of finish – natural finish and both side sawn finish,theAgra Red sandstone is a beautiful stone that can add an extra touch of fire to your building’s façade or paving. It has been used for many prestigious buildings because it catches people’s attention and makes them want more!

The vast majority of stone is non-slippery, which makes it an excellent choice for paving or flooring in cold countries. For example parkways; backyard and garden decks/ patios ; path pavements as well as wall cladding with various other uses such like front elevation window frames etcetera,many different types can be found – but one thing they all have in common? They won’t get you wet!

What is Agra stone?

The Red Stone is a tough, durable stone that gets its color from the presence of Iron Oxides near Earth’s bedding planes. The durability makes it perfect for construction projects or anywhere you need something with staying power!

The common names of the Agra Red Stone are Dholpur stone, agqq red sandstone and a variety in finishes such as natural split. It’s also available with an edge quality that can be processed through machine cut smooth or hand-fashioned for increased beauty
The color o fthis rock has been known to symbolize love since ancient times because it trends towards bright shades rather than dark ones like most other stones do The reason why some people prize these types so much? They’re just plain beautiful!

Where is red sandstone found in India?

It’s origin –  in dholpur and bharatpur Rajasthan.the Red Sand stone tiles have not shown any weathering effects since ages, making it an ideal choice for architectural designs.Agra stone has been used in construction for centuries. For example, temples such as the ones at Agra Fort and Delhi’s Red Fort are made with this material! It can be intricate or simple; it will always look great no matter what you do to decorate them because of its versatility that never ends.

What is the cost of red stone?

Price starts from  Rs 35/-sq feet  upto Rs 120/- sq feet based on the quality,thickness,size and finish type of the products.

Which state is the largest producer of sandstone in India?

Rajasthan state of india is largest producer of red sandstone.

How red sandstone is formed?

The stone gains its formation throughout centuries. These elements group together with minerals like quartz or calcite and compresses, over time to form sandstone by pressure from these deposited materials coming Together.

Is red sandstone cheap?

this stone is not cheap stone but it is very cheap better than marble and granite.

Which monument is made up of red sandstone?

The Red Fort in Delhi, India is a gorgeous building made from sandstone. This great monument was created by the royal family of Rajasthan who were known as one-of-a kind people with their incredible architecture skills!

Which rock is used to make red fort?

India’s fifth Mughal Emperor, Shah Jahan built this complex as his palace fort in 1639. He named it after the massive walls made up of red sandstone that surrounded him and can be seen today at The Red Fort Complex- also known just simply “the sleptfort.”
The earlier structure was erected by Islam Suri more than 500 years ago; together they make up one whole imageable entity called “RedFort.”

Red sandstone building

Indian building stones are mostly made of sandstone. This durable material is naturally porous, making it prone to erosion if subjected water and wind over time but with proper care this can be avoided- Sandstones main use in India has been for centuries as a sound stable construction material that lasts – though not without its drawbacks like requiring extra maintenance .

What is the red stone in India?

Red Sandstone is a popular stone that can be found in many forms and sizes. The color of this sandy material gives it an attractive look, which makes for great interior design or exterior applications like patios!

What is the size of red stone?

Red stone is available in cut-to-size and slab size, thickness of agra red stone start from -12mm upto 120mm as cutomers require material can be ready.

What is red sandstone used for?

The grindstone is an essential tool in any kitchen. Not only does it help with sharpening blades, but also helps to maintain the consistency of your food while grinding up ingredients for baking or cooking! The best part about using this type if stone? They’re easy on ribs – perfect when you have limited space at home and need something efficient yet effective like what we do here today…

What is red sandstone made of?

Over time, the small quantities iron-rich minerals in sand break down and form hematite crystals (Fe2O3) which are very thin paint like coating on quartz grains. The red color reflects light except for green waves that penetrate through it giving us our beautiful palette of colors!

Where can I buy red sand stone?

Agra red stone can be buy from Rajasthan india, there is more than two hundred mines  and processing can buy any type of agra red stone in any type of finished.

Red Agra Stone texture

Looking for a touch of elegance in your décor? Look no further than  agra Stone! Our agra red sandstone is smooth and soft, with a beautiful red texture that will add sophistication to any setting. This stone is easy to carve and cut, making it perfect for a variety of decorative applications.

Red stone for wall

Red stone can be used for wall cladding for infront of looks very attractive and stone for flooring,this stone is also used for flooring purpose. It has the ability to absorb water so it best for pig farm house and cattle farming

What is the price of red stone?

Size      Thickness    Rate 

2×2      25mm          25/-sq ft 

2×4       25mm       30/-sq ft .

2×5      25mm          35/-sq ft 

2×6     25mm          40/-sq ft 

2×7   25mm              45/-sq ft 

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