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    kota marble

    kota marble is a lime stone,it can be used in flooring and wall cladding,it is semi-polished kota marble material after fixing it you have to polishing it for attractive looking.kota marble has four colour- blue,green,brown & yellow.

    kota marbles feature

    • Size- 22"x22,23"x23",22''x28''
    • Thicknss- 20-25mm
    • Color- Blue
    • Minimum quanity order- 6000sq.ft.
    • Uses- flooring
    • Stone form- blue limestone
    • Origin- kota (Rajasthan)
  • polished kota stone polished kota stone
    Polished kota stone is available in various sizes and thickness,Polished type - Semi-polished, High polished and mirror polished. Features:
    • Form - cut-to-size
    • Size - 22”x22”, 22”x16
    • Finish type- Fine polished
    • Uses - Flooring, 
    • Thickness- 20-30mm
    • Colour- blue  
    • Minimum order - 5000 sq.ft.
  • kota stone flooring specification kota stone flooring price
    kota stone flooring price depend at size,thickness,colour and finish type of kota stone,there is many featurers of kota stone flooring better than other natural stone flooring.cotta green stone flooring is very good looking and best for vastushastra,
    • Very hard flooring
    • Natural feeling
    • Non slippy
    • Can bear heavy weight
    • Very cheap cost
    • Easy available
    • Any type of finishing available
    • Long lasting
    • Thickness available


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