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kota stone flooring


kota stone flooring price depend at size,thickness,colour and finish type of kota stone,there is many featurers of kota stone flooring better than other natural stone flooring.cotta green stone flooring is very good looking and best for vastushastra.

  • Very hard flooring
  • Natural feeling
  • Non slippery
  • Can bear heavy weight
  • Very cheap cost
  • Easy available
  • Any type of finishing available
  • Long lasting
  • Thickness available


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kota stone flooring is one flooring which is used in many purpose of flooring requirements of clients,it is very hard and no maintence require in life time, kotah stone flooring is available in four colour- blue,green,grey and red,some people like mirror polished,leather finished,river finished and antique polished,in railway platform cota stone is used.now-a-day mirror polished tiles is best choice for flooring this type of kota tiles no polished require after fix it because it is already fully polished.it has very low cost flooring charge than other natural stone flooring and ceremic tiles flooring.

kota stone flooring

Cotta green stone flooring is non porous and non observe water in any weather condition,in summer kotah pathar flooring feels very cold than other natural flooring,cotta blue stone flooring used with green marble and black granite as customer's wish and cotta stone design in room is managed with jaisalmer yellow marble and white granite,

kota stone flooring


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