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kota marble is a lime stone,it can be used in flooring and wall cladding,it is semi-polished kota marble material after fixing it you have to polishing it for attractive looking.kota marble has four colour- blue,green,brown & yellow.

kota marbles feature

  • Size- 22″x22,23″x23″,22”x28”
  • Thicknss- 20-25mm
  • Color- Blue
  • Minimum quanity order- 6000sq.ft.
  • Uses- flooring
  • Stone form- blue limestone
  • Origin- kota (Rajasthan)
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kota marble has blue colour,it is very useful natural flooring stone,main market of it  is in Ramganj mandi,kotah marble is  best flooring stone because it is very hard than other stone,it’s durability is long last,

we are big manufacturer,supplier and quarry owner of marble in suket, kota rajasthan,there is all type of this stone is available which is used for parking,heavy machine flooring & water proofing purpose,this has size 2×2 price – 20/-sq.ft. thickness- 20-25mm diamond cutting ex-factory price of  kotamarble pathar in Ramganj mandi Rajasthan,cotta price is very low than other natural stones for floor, we have four colour – blue, green,yellow & brown,it is very famous for stones for floor also

Flooring Advantage & disadvantages of Kota Stone – It’s flooring does not deteriorate for a long time and the shine remains as new, the price is also less than marble and granite, the winning thickness takes the floor of Kota. Flooring is much more expensive, winning will have more thick quota flooring, it also has the ability to bear weight,Flooring of Kota is not acid-proof; It should be bad by applying polished Kota flooring in the outside area, it should not be bad in the open area.scratching occurs when rubbing a sharp object in the floor of the Kota, whereas in granite it does not,

kota marble


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